“Reunite with Passion”

Relationship Education to Mental Health Wellness | Follow on 8/20/2015

This campaign will go LIVE on August 20, 2015… Stay tuned by following me at http://www.Facebook.com/RealLoveandMarriage and http://www.Twitter.com/LoveMarriageEdu @LoveMarriageEdu

Hello Supporters! My name is Howard Crampton Jr. and here to rally folks just like you who enjoy supporting the dreams, goals and visions of others when, where and how you can.

My purpose for creating this campaign is to inspire you continue inspiring others to live up to their potential by leading by example yourselves, and by watching this video it tells me that you meet part of your potential through supporting the success of others

You can benefit as well from your support by participating in one of the many perks off to the right, such as my relationship education and divorce prevention program, Reunite with Passion. This program is designed support relationships of all types to create and maintain lasting fulfillment with gay or straight couples, teens to those in their Golden Years, Singles looking to proactively set up for success, or if you or your spouse is a domestic engineer or if you’re both busy business/entrepreneur types.

The goal is to raise $5,600 over the next 45 days to make RWP into an online and more affordable program. My purpose for launching this program is to fund my way through Lewis and Clark College in Portland, OR so that I can receive my license as a Professional Mental Health Counselor with an emphasis on addictions.

16 million adults have had at least one major depressive episode in the past year and about 40-50% of Americans divorce each year, and that’s only for first-round marriages!

I currently contract with a local homeless shelter in N. Hollywood, CA working with disabled veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, funded by the government. I also currently hold a bachelor degree in psychology and work as a life coach, with an emphasis on spiritual evolution. I meet people regularly who are looking for mental/emotional support yet can’t afford help mostly due to not having insurance. So I had the idea to take my relationship education and divorce prevention program online and offer it at a most affordable rate.

I have completed certification courses in Strategic Interventions by the Robbins-Madanes Coach Training program and in Neurolinguistic programming taught by one of Tony Robbins previous sales trainers, Niurka Inc.

If you’re wondering where your contributions are going, I’ve noted in the text area how the funds are being spent.

Now, I understand some of you may not be able to contribute financially, however just sharing the word and this campaign is just as helpful as each dollar contributed. Please share with your friends, family, co-workers and colleagues, as well as church groups, book clubs and any organizations you may belong to to help raise awareness around healing mental illness and supporting emotional well-being.

This is Howard Crampton Jr and I look forward to connecting with each and every one of you throughout this campaign. Come back regularly for updates!


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How to Attract Your Ideal Mate | Law of Attraction | Workshop

How to Attract Your Ideal Mate

Using the Law of Attraction

Thursday April 18, 2013 @ 7pm (Pacific)

I want to share a disclaimer: All Information Should Be Held As Tentative Until One Has Experienced the Truth for Themselves.

Before you decide to register for the How to Attract Your Ideal Mate workshop, take into consideration what has been showing up for you in your relationships
– Are you finding all wonderful, beautiful and exciting qualities?
– Do you find yourself resentful, irritated or regretful? Even part of the time?

Have a purpose to register. Maybe you have a wonderful relationship and want to learn how to make it even better or perhaps be of support in helping others achieve what you already have in your relationship…

When you’ve decided what’s right for you, and you feel Inspired to attend this class (How to Attract Your Ideal Mate) you can register here http://bit.ly/idealmate

See you there!



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Learn How Divorce Effects Social Integration and Participation

No one ever said (and meant) “I hope to grow up and be a divorcee one day!” It’s one of those “unexpected” events – a curveball – in Life.

However, the more preparation we obtain before, and even while experiencing the unexpected, the better chances you have to continue on with your life – Complete and Fulfilled.

It’s not about what happens, but how we respond to what happens that makes all the difference in life.

Reunite with Passion is program for singles, engaged to married and newlyweds, as well as those of you on the brink of separation or who have recently divorced to discover the areas in your life that you currently experience fulfillment and to maintain it there.

There are moments of happiness in your life already. You may not see them yourself, but can be illuminated by another. It is essential to invest in another’s belief in you until you can believe it yourself.

Opt-in today to get started on your Needs Assessment, then let’s follow up with a call to schedule your free 30-minute conversation to learn just how you will Breakthrough this challenge!


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