Week 3 – Playfulness and Intimacy


Without passion, what else is there to live to for in a relationship? Sure, we can become martyr’s and keep giving to point that we emotionally die, but that’s certainly not a life worth living. Passion begins to deteriorate in relationships when the opposite energy is not being nurtured and accepted. John Grey shares a wonderful example of this in his book Men are from Mars, Women are are from Venus in that we are two very different natures who can be complimentary if only we allow it.

It’s typical for women to believe that their man will change, while men hope that their women will stay the same… though we all know that it is not the others’ nature to be this way. Instead, we accept our partner for who they are and feed into that no matter how different it is from your own personal nature. After all, why engage in a relationship if you’re not accepting of who they are and what they do? Why not take your time to find the right one to begin with? You wouldn’t go out and buy a dog only to teach it how to meow!

When we can embrace another’s masculine or feminine nature, we can thus dance with it and be playful with who are as one. This portion will help you identify just how to cater to your partner’s specific needs, as well as their core modality for communication.

Through the Reunite with Passion program you will also learn how to discover the time and space to maintain passion in the relationship even when it seems impossible, such as when you’re vacationing with children or family, or busy at work. You will feel as though you two have locked in the moment you first met and has lasted a lifetime!


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