Week 1 – Your World Views


Have you ever experienced the thought “Why do we do what we do?”

Human Needs Psychology seeks to explain this question through acknowledging human behavioral patterns in the context that we are seeking to fulfill certain needs. For example, we eat to fulfill our need for hunger as well as consume water in need to stay hydrated. The fight or flight experience accounts for our need for safety by either fighting for it, or simply running away.

Researchers have discovered a variety of needs we seek to regularly meet, though there are 6 needs in particular that one researcher, Tony Robbins, has found to be universal. They are the needs for:

Now, we, as humans, tend to value certain needs over others and there are a variety of factors influencing those values. Furthermore, the needs we value over others will determine our world view, or the “lens” through which we choose to perceive life as it is.

Upon understanding this process, you will soon identify patterns that create certain results in your life as well as for your partner, and how you can discover the shift necessary to create the life you ultimately desire most! Reunite with Passion is your vehicle for getting to that destination.


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