Marriage and Relationships – Why Yours May Not Be Working!

How often do you hear friends, family, or people nearby complain about their partner or make negative comments about relationships such as “It’s impossible to ever get through so I just gave up.” or “You know how woman are?!” and the typical “All men want is one thing…”

I’ve heard people talk about how passion never sustains in relationships, and the intimacy always ends up dying. You talk to your friends and family about it and all they have to say is “Honey, you’ve heard the war stories of other couples. There’s gotta be some truth to it or people wouldn’t say these things, so just accept it and keep moving forward.” OUCH!

These very thoughts and beliefs may be a key insight into the success of your relationships. Physicists have discovered that we think about 60,000 thoughts per day on average. And 95% of those thoughts are the same thoughts we thunk the day before!

Well, there’s more than just hope for you… There is Truth and these thoughts are not the Truth, they’ve merely become your reality because you’ve practiced these things for so long.

You can find references for anything you want – Positive or Negative. Take some time to reflect on your thoughts and beliefs about relationships and even your partner.

It’s my Intention to help you Discover and Rid of all things unnecessary in your life, and to experience The Most Fulfilling Relationships – EVER!

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Relationship Myth Shattered by Experts

Here’s a topic that “Experts” supposedly recently “Shattered”. From my understanding was shattered long ago…

Help your partner feel more understood, appreciated and important. Feel confident about effectively communicating your needs while being open to empathically listening to your partners needs as well. Call for your complimentary 30 minute Inspiration Session at 661.524.6093 or email

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Relationship Fulfillment: Just when you thought you gave it your all!

Do you do everything for you partner and s/he doesn’t express appreciation or acknowledgment of your efforts?
In doing unto others as you want others to do unto you, have you ever considered that those “others” may not be fulfilled by the same things you are?

Learn how to give in ways that are aligned with your partners most valued needs, thus indirectly allowing your partner to feel understood, accepted, and creating that Oneness or Unity in your relationship/marriage. Increase the sense of Gratitude you both have for one another.

Watch the video and follow up with your complimentary 30 minute consultation to discover your world view (and theirs), and how you can better fulfill your partners needs!


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