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Relationship Education to Mental Health Wellness | Follow on 8/20/2015

This campaign will go LIVE on August 20, 2015… Stay tuned by following me at and @LoveMarriageEdu

Hello Supporters! My name is Howard Crampton Jr. and here to rally folks just like you who enjoy supporting the dreams, goals and visions of others when, where and how you can.

My purpose for creating this campaign is to inspire you continue inspiring others to live up to their potential by leading by example yourselves, and by watching this video it tells me that you meet part of your potential through supporting the success of others

You can benefit as well from your support by participating in one of the many perks off to the right, such as my relationship education and divorce prevention program, Reunite with Passion. This program is designed support relationships of all types to create and maintain lasting fulfillment with gay or straight couples, teens to those in their Golden Years, Singles looking to proactively set up for success, or if you or your spouse is a domestic engineer or if you’re both busy business/entrepreneur types.

The goal is to raise $5,600 over the next 45 days to make RWP into an online and more affordable program. My purpose for launching this program is to fund my way through Lewis and Clark College in Portland, OR so that I can receive my license as a Professional Mental Health Counselor with an emphasis on addictions.

16 million adults have had at least one major depressive episode in the past year and about 40-50% of Americans divorce each year, and that’s only for first-round marriages!

I currently contract with a local homeless shelter in N. Hollywood, CA working with disabled veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, funded by the government. I also currently hold a bachelor degree in psychology and work as a life coach, with an emphasis on spiritual evolution. I meet people regularly who are looking for mental/emotional support yet can’t afford help mostly due to not having insurance. So I had the idea to take my relationship education and divorce prevention program online and offer it at a most affordable rate.

I have completed certification courses in Strategic Interventions by the Robbins-Madanes Coach Training program and in Neurolinguistic programming taught by one of Tony Robbins previous sales trainers, Niurka Inc.

If you’re wondering where your contributions are going, I’ve noted in the text area how the funds are being spent.

Now, I understand some of you may not be able to contribute financially, however just sharing the word and this campaign is just as helpful as each dollar contributed. Please share with your friends, family, co-workers and colleagues, as well as church groups, book clubs and any organizations you may belong to to help raise awareness around healing mental illness and supporting emotional well-being.

This is Howard Crampton Jr and I look forward to connecting with each and every one of you throughout this campaign. Come back regularly for updates!


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Men’s Wardrobe | Survey Says “Gross”

How often would you say that your men change their underwear?

How often would you say you purchase new underwear?

Mens Underwear | Survey Says "Gross"

Well, a recent poll was taken and the results are, as usual, astounding!!!

It’s no secret to discover that women are creatures of change, while men typically are more comfortable with routine. For men outside of the fashion industry, it’s no surprise, then, to see them with their prized possessions, be it their classic cars, tools, and well… even their clothes!

The Huffington Post discovered an article regarding an English survey that men will keep their underwear, on average, for up to 7 years!

“I know I have tendency to have underwear that still has holes in it,” reported one gentleman (if you’d call him one…). Another was asked why it took him so long to purchase new “britches” and stated, “I think it’s more of a pain to go and shop for them, unless they are shopped for for us.”

So ladies, if it’s important to you for your man to look sexy in his briefs, boxers, or britches it’s best that you pick up a pair next time you’re out shopping. You’ll definitely be doing him a favor as well!

David Beckham | Underwear

Let’s take a poll for American Men… Fellas, how long do you hold on to your undwear on average? When was the last time you went shopping for a set, and how long was it before it that?

Leave your comments and post to Twitter and Facebook #7YearBritches

Source: Michelle Persad of the Huffington Post

What is the Law of Attraction? | How do I Attract my Ideal Mate?

What is the Law of Attraction?
Most of you are familiar with, or have heard of the Law of Attraction and for those of you unclear about what it is, the Law of Attraction is a process whereby Like Attracts Like – Meaning Positive Thoughts produce Positive Results and vice versa.

Whether we focus on the things that we want or don’t want, that is exactly what we get. Have you ever wondered why you’re financial situations has remained the same? Perhaps it has increased for many of you?

Have you ever made the statement upon something going completely wrong, “Yup, Never Fails!” Hmmm… Well, there is a reason. And though I won’t go into it here what I will go into is How to Attract Your Ideal Mate.

Even if you’re in a relationship, you can attract those ideal qualities from your partner. Maybe your relationship has never quite reached a Level 10 since you first started dating… Well, here is your opportunity to learn how to take it a 10+.

For the first 6 People who register for the event, you will also receive a complimentary book by dear friend and colleague Kim Somers Egelsee – Getting Your Life to a 10+.

Register now to attend the event on Thursday May 2, 2013 from 7pm – 8:30pm Pacific

You’ll learn the 3 Most Overlooked Directives to Attract Your Ideal Mate, Soul Mate or Twin Flame!

Whether Single or Married ask yourself:

1. Do you know the definite qualities and/or characteristics your Ideal Mate (or current partner) must have for you to take the next step in developing a trusting, respectful and aligned relationship?

2. Are you clear about discerning what are absolute turn-offs and/or deal breakers, even with all the definite qualities?

3. Have you become the change you need to be to see the results you want to see within your Ideal Mate?

So… What’s the verdict?

Register Now

If you’re in a much different time zone and will be sleeping, register anyway and I will send you a recorded copy of the event. Moreover, send me an email at and ask a question that you would like me to address on this webcast/teleconference.

Once you register you’ll have the option to choose whether you’d like to listen on line, or call in if your driving home. So, really, there is no excuse to not join us and it’s only $20!

Imagine now by applying these 3 Simple yet Most Overlooked Directives what you can have regarding your Ideal Relationship and the Mate you always Dreamed of!

I’ll see you on the call!


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How to Attract Your Ideal Mate | Law of Attraction | Workshop

How to Attract Your Ideal Mate

Using the Law of Attraction

Thursday April 18, 2013 @ 7pm (Pacific)

I want to share a disclaimer: All Information Should Be Held As Tentative Until One Has Experienced the Truth for Themselves.

Before you decide to register for the How to Attract Your Ideal Mate workshop, take into consideration what has been showing up for you in your relationships
– Are you finding all wonderful, beautiful and exciting qualities?
– Do you find yourself resentful, irritated or regretful? Even part of the time?

Have a purpose to register. Maybe you have a wonderful relationship and want to learn how to make it even better or perhaps be of support in helping others achieve what you already have in your relationship…

When you’ve decided what’s right for you, and you feel Inspired to attend this class (How to Attract Your Ideal Mate) you can register here

See you there!



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Relationship Education & Divorce Prevention – Don’t Just Get Help, Get Educated

It doesn’t seem sufficient enough to get therapy alone. You need to get educated about what’s coming up for you!

Sitting and talking about your issues helps to release and discover thoughts and beliefs that had been repressed. You may gain clarity around what’s really been bothering you, but for anyone who has ever gone to therapy, let me ask you a question – Did it help you to maintain lasting fulfillment?

From my own personal experiences, as well as those of my clients the answer is No!

See why getting educated is important and how it works… Take a look…

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Adult Casual Sex Talk – How to have Classy “Sex” Conversations

America seems so challenged by the topic of “Sex”. You can find hundreds of reasons why, but from the information I have collected the biggest reason is feeling judged or ostracized… With this comes feelings of shame or embarrassment.

So I felt compelled to throw on a casual shirt and have a causal talk about it. Who would have ever thought that as an adult, you would need a sex talk too?! 🙂

Amy and Shannon from Milf and Cookies were generous in inviting me on their radio show this morning on TogiNet’s Rockstar Radio Network. They invited another guest Nikki Lundberg – the Somatic Adult Sex Educator – and we had a fun and playful conversation about.

To hear the call visit and follow the archives for “9-27-2012”

The more we know about one another, the better chances we have of living the life we desire. So get over to and start talking!

I look forward to seeing you there!


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Learn How Divorce Effects Social Integration and Participation

No one ever said (and meant) “I hope to grow up and be a divorcee one day!” It’s one of those “unexpected” events – a curveball – in Life.

However, the more preparation we obtain before, and even while experiencing the unexpected, the better chances you have to continue on with your life – Complete and Fulfilled.

It’s not about what happens, but how we respond to what happens that makes all the difference in life.

Reunite with Passion is program for singles, engaged to married and newlyweds, as well as those of you on the brink of separation or who have recently divorced to discover the areas in your life that you currently experience fulfillment and to maintain it there.

There are moments of happiness in your life already. You may not see them yourself, but can be illuminated by another. It is essential to invest in another’s belief in you until you can believe it yourself.

Opt-in today to get started on your Needs Assessment, then let’s follow up with a call to schedule your free 30-minute conversation to learn just how you will Breakthrough this challenge!


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Art & Science of Making Love All of the Time: Quick Tips

In this blog I share with you how you can learn to make love more often in your life. Making Love is both an Art and Science – There are specific strategies to create it as well as how you go about expressing it.

Watch this video and share any strategies or tips on how you make love – the Art and Science!

Call me or email me to register for your complimentary 30-minute consultation @ 661.524.6093 or

Also, if you’re not ready to talk just yet, shoot me an email inquiring about my program and share with my some things that may be coming up for you.

Sign-up over to the right to receive your Most Valued Needs assessment. It’s a free quiz to learn more about how you perceive the world.

I look forward to connecting with you and supporting you on your journey!


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Love, Relationship and Secrets to Success

Success is experienced on multiple levels and does not just happen when we experience a major shift.

Likewise, Relationship Mastery can be experienced on multiple levels as well… Even something as simple as gazing deeply into your partners eyes.

Follow the link below to get obtain your Seven Secrets to Relationship Skills Mastery. You will also receive up-to-date Quality Information regarding Long-Term Fulfillment with your Romantic Partner, and tips and tools to Maintain Fulfillment in Love and Relationship Mastery.

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Dating and Marriage: Is Trust at Risk in your Intimate Relationships?

Due to the rise in Casual Relationships/Sex over the past 40 years, higher levels of trust are a pre-requisite to investing in long-term relationships.

Researchers have found the utility of abusing trust is higher than honoring it (van de Rijt & Buskens, 2006). Moreover, the utility of no trust is higher than abusing trust!

This game of “Trust” is not necessarily one of rationality, though is certain instances rational behaviors can lead to “sub-optimal” results when the trustor feels their efforts are not being abused.

2 types of goals are pursued in relationships:
1. Transactional Goals: Sex or Favors
2. Relational Goals: Love, Growth, Unity or Contribution

So how does one decide to invest in “Trust” to commit to a long-term relationship?
1. The trustor believes their partner to be relational-goal oriented
2. A persons own interest in marriage and its potential gains
3. Weigh the possibility of potential losses of the investment if the other partner eventually chooses to not commit

The Outcome: Decisions to commit are acted upon in one’s focus of potential gains in the marriage as well as a decrease in their belief of major losses in trust and fidelity.

Call or email for your Complimentary 30 Minute Trust and Intimacy Consultation at 661.524.6093 or


Arnout van de Rijt and Vincent Buskens – Trust in Intimate Relationships: The Increased Importance of Embeddedness for Marriage in the United States. Rationality and Society, May 2006; vol. 18, 2: pp. 123-156.

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