Week 4 – Aligning Interests


By now you may have become aware of how each week builds upon the one prior to it’s successor. We’ve begun with understanding which needs we value most and how results come from the actions influenced by them. The second week we take into consideration our partner’s most valued needs and how we express trust and respect in the relationship. During that same session you learn to become present to what your partner is experiencing emotionally and become the support for him or her.

In week 3 of Reunite with Passion we discovered just how to cater to our partners’ needs now that you understand what they are and how to be present to them.

Now, in week 4, we account for what interests each of you have and how they effect the relationship. Someone with a feminine core may be more attracted to TV show dramas or being a social butterfly. The masculine core may enjoy being social with specific groups they feel most comfortable with and engaging in events that include a lot of action, and perhaps aggression such as with sports.

Over time, one partner may become jealous that their spouse/partner is not spending enough quality time with him or her. S/he may begin to make denigrating remarks other disempowered means for fulfilling one’s needs, such as for attention.

This portion of the program helps you to identify just what your interests and hobbies are, as well as your partners. Then we go into detail about finding agreements on just how each other can be involved more in the other’s interests and hobbies. It’s a beautiful conversation that’s aligns each other’s visions for living a fulfilled life while each gets to be a part of the decision making process.


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