Howard Crampton, Jr. has been supporting men and women in the field of personal development since 2004. People are naturally attracted to him in seeking advice on how to resolve pending challenges that need attention, and to embrace empowering mindsets to confidently be the change to which they seek in the world. Helping your partner to feel important is the essence of all successful relationships, and understanding why this is a must, despite all other problems, is what you’re about learn…

Discover the Essence of Passion

Discover the Essence of Passion

The foundation of Howard’s expertise is based in Human Needs Psychology which explains the concept many of us have contemplated “Why we do what we do”. His active interest in studying human behavior in varying contexts – home, work, parenting, friends, etc. – has inspired Howard to becoming the dynamic coach and speaker he is today.

Howard experienced his own personal challenges within his family growing up. He realized that no one in his family had been married and stayed married. Virtually all members of his family had been divorced at some point, and just when he thought his parents were the only one’s to maintain a relationship they, too, separated.

At the age of 20 and having experienced his parents separation life became somewhat chaotic for Howard, but a critical point to later be contemplated in making the shifts that were made on his journey. Many more limiting experiences followed in his own personal relationships – not just with romantic relationships, but with family and friends as well.

The pain drove Howard to seek something new, and more importantly to decide to learn how to engage in quality relationships in almost every context of life. What he discovered created the profound shift that allowed him to confidently walk his path and support others on theirs as well – Understanding which needs they valued and identifying the differences that made all the difference in their world.

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Having coached men and women with a variety of needs unmet all over the world – Poland, Turkey, Italy, London, United States, and Canada – Howard dedicates his time and effort to working with you to understand how to engage in the most fulfilling relationships, Ever! You are guaranteed to experience a breakthrough in each session whether you’re working with your spouse or working with Howard individually.

Sign up to receive your 7 Secrets for Relationship Skills Mastery today, then schedule your complimentary consultation right away to begin breaking through any lingering issues, problems or challenges now!

Howard wants to point out that Reunite with Passion is not just for couples – married or courting. This program is to help anyone in any relationship (Business or Romantic), to learn how to understand which needs you value most, and to better understand the needs of those you relate with any time. Yes, this program is niched toward Romantic Relationships, and for those single men and women seeking to learn how to fulfill your soon-to-be partner’s needs, Howard can definitely help you there too.

Seasoned couples whose relationships are at a 10 and are looking to grow to a 20, we are here for you as well. We understand the need for growth and variety and will support you in identifying the means for achieving this goal for you!

Reunite with Passion is a Relationship Education & Divorce Prevention program. We are here to offer you the tools and educate you on how to make the most of them so you can continue building the highest quality of relationships long after the program is complete.


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