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Welcome to Real Love and Marriage – The Official site for Reunite with Passion: Relationship Education & Divorce Prevention!


The number one reason for failed relationships is in large part due to the lack of acknowledging one’s partners’ most valued needs and communicating ineffectively. In turn, it’s typical for that partner to feel as though they’re not heard or even understood. This partner may also feel as though they’re not being accepted for who they are or for what they’ve contributed to the relationship, and will seek to have their needs fulfilled some other way – sometimes destructive, though not always.

Real Love and Marriage

“We each carry, after all, two completely different energies”

However, it goes both ways. Perhaps the means (vehicle) one partner uses to contribute to fulfilling the other  partner’s needs is not the way by which s/he values most. After all, most of us have been taught do unto others as we wish for others to do unto us. The problem with this concept is just as what was previously stated – What one person genuinely appreciates may not be equally appreciated by another.

We each carry, after all, two completely different energies – masculine and feminine – though one is more dominant than the other per individual. Even same-sex relationships are more fulfilling when one energy is complimentary to the other.

It is my intention for this site to provide the educational tools and methods that can help you to experience the most fulfilling relationship with your romantic partner. These same tools are equally as effective in all relationships as well, such as with family, friends, and business colleagues and co-workers.

“It is my intention to help you create the most fulfilling relationship with your partner.”

Please stay tuned as this site progresses and new postings are shared. I encourage you all to comment on postings and share your experiences with others. We’re here as a community to support one another while learning to be most effective in the many ways in which we communicate with those closest to us.

Send emails and questions about Reunite with Passion to Support@HowardCramptonJr.com and I am inspired to helping you create your life by design!


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